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New App makes Summer Travel Safer and Less Expensive for Adults 50+

PHOENIX – According to AARP’s 2023 Travel Study, a majority of adults 50-plus will make at least one leisure trip in 2023 – and most will take between three and four trips. The OZZI Safety app is making multigeneration, couples, and solo travel safer and less expensive anywhere in the world.

Formerly available only to U.S. Government personnel, the new and easy-to-use mobile app can be downloaded by anyone on Apple and Google phones. With just a few taps, OZZI customers can set up an automated bots to monitor their dream destination or access on-demand travel guides to stay safer and save money anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works.

Avoid Crime & Scams

Financial abuse and fraud costs seniors more than $3 billion each year, which makes avoiding crime and scams a critical part of any travel journey. OZZI’s color coded safety maps help seniors book and explore safely at any domestic or international destination. The stop-light colored map system is kept up to date on a weekly basis and shows where crime and scams are most likely to create problems for travelers and locals.

Each map is paired with guides that offer advice on how to minimize risk and reach first responders. OZZI makes it easy to focus on travel activities instead of worrying about safety at every turn. If you go into any risky area, the app sends you an alert in real-time, so you know to turn around or how to make safer decisions when sightseeing.

Save Time & Money

It can take weeks to gather the information you need for your trip. Immunizations, passports, and other travel requirements are stored across dozens of blogs and other websites. To save time, travelers can hire a travel agent that might come at an expensive premium for only partial details. With OZZI, seniors can save money on an expensive travel agent and avoid hours on websites. All the critical details a traveler might need are in the OZZI app. Trusted and comprehensive, there is nothing to write down or remember because all details are available at your fingertips 24×7.

In addition to the essentials, OZZI makes it a breeze to find out which taxis are safer, gestures that are offensive, and how to avoid food poisoning from street vendors. The most complete and all-inclusive safety app has arrived just in time for summer travel. Download today and travel safer anywhere you go.

“Americans in their golden years have earned the privilege of traveling the world. They deserve to so safely and confidently.” says Isaiah Lopez, Founder of OZZI Safety. “The OZZI ​Safety app is the perfect travel companion to provide peace of mind to travelers and loved ones at home.”


About OZZI

Protect yourself and your loved ones with comprehensive safety anywhere you go. OZZI’s advanced safety features were first used by U.S. Intelligence and Military personnel day-to-day and in some of the most challenging scenarios in recent years. OZZI uses artificial intelligence, high tech connections to governments, and the world largest private security team enhance personal safety for everyone. Experience maps and real-time alerts that help anyone avoid crime, gun violence, and natural disasters worldwide. For just $4.99 a week or $9.99 a month, travelers can have peace of mind anywhere they go.

About Isaiah Lopez – Founder/CEO of OZZI

Isaiah Lopez is a subject matter expert on global safety topics. Since the 2015 Paris attacks, his safety tech has helped millions worldwide. Previous customers include American Express, Microsoft, Google, U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Senate. Today, his tech provides everyday safety to the public on the Apple and Android App Stores as OZZI.

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