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Travel Safety - Reimagined

Available no where else, OZZI gives you to access real-time verified information to keep you safer around the world.

Hourly Ratings

The State Department has ratings at a county level, we have hourly updates to country and city conditions.

Real-Time Alerts

Verified alerts keep you ahead of Weather, gas leaks, civil unrest, public shootings, and more.

Neighborhood Safety

Exploring a new city or you aren't sure if your hotel or rental is in a safe area? Find out before you book or get alerts while in transit.

Local Guides

We give you up to the minutes guides on passports, vaccines, gestures, taxis, internet, ATMs, LGBTQ safety, COVID-19, & more.

Trusted by the
U.S. Federal Government

How AI and OZZI are Transforming Global Travel

Everyone. Everywhere.

OZZI is built by parents who had a vision for helping their children stay safer as they left the nest. Our technology was hardened through experiences helping U.S. Diplomats, Politicians, and Warfighters around the world make safer and more confident decisions.

Now, this technology is available for all travelers – everyone, everywhere.

Solo, Group, & Family Travel

Small Business Duty of Care

Safety is in your hands with OZZI

When there’s something happening around you, you should be able to make informed decisions about your safety and get access to help using advanced technology.

OZZI is giving you power and ownership of your personal safety at home and on the road.

Learn more about OZZI’s advanced intelligence and public safety networks that span the globe. 

Alerts & Advice

Advanced Public Safety

Upgrade your Travel Experience

OZZI is coming soon as a PRO subscription on the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you are looking to buy OZZI for a single trip, please contact one of our Premier Travel Partners to learn more about how to bundle OZZI with your next travel experience. 

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Travel Pro - Subscription

$ 9
Per Month
  • Unlimited Destinations
  • Neighborhood Threat Zones
  • Global Alerts
  • Destination Guides

Travel Pro - Premier Partners

$ 39
Per Trip
  • Up to 60 days of Full Access
  • Neighborhood Threat Zones
  • Global Alerts
  • Destination Guides

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