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LGBTQ+ Bomb Threats & Security Warnings: Expert Shares Tips on Pride Month Safety

PHOENIX – During the month of June, people from all backgrounds will gather to celebrate their LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors. The Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory that events may be targeted by extremists. After bomb threats, Target stores removed all LGBTQ+ merchandise from shelves. These developments make safety top of mind for those participating in Pride. Follow these safety tips to be safer at events during Pride Month.

Stay Nourished. The month of June brings increasing temperatures which means several hours in the sun can be deadly. If you stay hydrated, bring snacks, and apply sunscreen often; you can celebrate all day instead of cutting it short due to heat exhaustion or sensitive skin.

Bring a Friend. Using the buddy system keeps you safer in almost any situation. Not only can a group keep the atmosphere vibrant and energy high, but they can also help calm nerves in tense situations. Maintaining calm nerves in dangerous scenarios could be the difference for survival.

Have an Exit Strategy. Pride events draw thousands in cities around the world. This makes parking and finding a good seat a challenge. In an emergency, it can also make it difficult getting to safety. An exit strategy can help you find your friends if separated or allow you to get away from danger quickly. “A basic exit strategy consists of a meeting point if you’re separated, an agreement on the next destination, and a head count for larger groups.” Says Isaiah Lopez, Founder of OZZI Global Safety. “Staying safe doesn’t have to complicated it just have to be planned. During an emergency scenario there is little time to make decisions.”

Avoid the Wrong place at the Wrong Time. Events of all sizes at all times of day have been targeted by extremists. As party goers travel from event to event, staying ahead of risks empowers safer decision making to avoid the wrong place at the wrong time. The OZZI Global Safety app delivers emergency alerts 2 – 15 minutes from incidents occurring anywhere in the world. OZZI is backed by the world’s largest private security team and we cover the planet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Travel Safer. If you are traveling, add your itinerary to OZZI and be one of the first notified of safety incidents happening at your destinations. If you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community and you are not sure how evaluate destination safety, keep these three things in mind:

Legal Environment. In 2023, more than 500 laws have been introduced in the U.S. that target the LGBTQ+ community. Before you book, check to see if there are new laws at your destination that could interrupt your medical care or safety.

Social Environment. Discrimination and censorship may impact your ability to find acceptance for the way you dress or present yourself. If you want to experience a destination that has low social acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, maintain a low profile and focus on safety to accomplish the goals of your adventure.

Enforcement. Fines, imprisonment, and capital punishment are enforcement actions in countries and municipalities which are hostile toward the LGBTQ+ community. It is reasonable to consider an alternative destination if you find your desired location is not welcoming.


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