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Bucket List Travel Safety and Money Saving Tips for Adults 50+

PHOENIX – Whether it is a bucket list destination or somewhere more familiar, according to AARP’s 2023 Travel Study, 86% of adults 50+ will make at least one trip 50 miles away from home this year. With the majority traveling between March and August, these tips will keep you safer and leave you with more money in your pocket this summer.

Before you go

Establish a communication and location sharing plan before you leave. Text and video messaging are great for sharing memories and getting help if its needed. Text may not work as expected internationally, so it is important to find a messaging app that works for everyone.

If you need help, sharing your location with loved ones may allow them to assist first responders in identifying your last known location. With your last known location, first responders can help you faster in emergency scenarios. Location sharing options might be built into your smartphone without the need to have separate app or purchase.

To save money, plan on getting a local SIM card for your phone. The latest smartphones do not require a physical SIM card – even overseas. A physical SIM or eSIM will connect you to local cellular networks that offer potentially unlimited plan options. If you like video calls, make sure to have an unlimited cellular plan or wi-fi network that has unlimited data. Having a SIM plan means you will be online quickly after you land.

On your Trip

Vacation rentals have skyrocketed in popularity. Having a private space with the comforts of home are perfect for multi-generational and family travels. However, solitude could mean exposure to unwanted surprises. Getting to your rental or BnB during the day allows you to familiarize yourself with the surrounding neighborhood and to have enough light to figure out complicated lockboxes.


Many popular tourist destinations are known for pickpocketing. To protect your money and belongings be sure to zip and clasp any bags you might be carrying. Keep bags close to your body and only travel with the cash necessary you will need while out. To minimize the impact of ATM scams, set cash withdrawal limits to smaller amounts and call the bank if you need to take more than the reduced limit. “Without local knowledge it can be difficult to avoid scams and petty crime.” Says Isaiah Lopez, Founder of OZZI Global Safety. “We’ve done the research and map these areas around the world with weekly updates. OZZI makes it easy to travel safely.”

To cut costs, consider public transportation. Many cities, especially in Europe, have sophisticated subways, trams, and buses that are safe. Public transit less expensive than a hired car and shared transport allows travelers to bypass traffic congestion in big cities.


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