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Compare Safety Ratings for Multiple Destinations

As an OZZI Travel PRO, you can compare and prepare for local safety conditions at multiple destinations in just a few taps. Now, when you find amazing deals on flights, you can make sure to find the destination that matches your travel style.

What is your Travel Style?

Are you a beach goer or a museum aficionado? A mountaineer or a foodie? Regardless of how you travel, OZZI helps you travel safer.

OZZI Travel PRO evaluate the risks to their vacations with a comprehensive rating system. Each rating is paired with background on the risk and advice on how to prepare. We know that not every risk in every location can be avoided, so we empower Travel PROs with tools to make safer decisions before traveling.

Destination A

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Destination B

San Jose, Costa Rica

'Traffic Light' Safety

Every destination has a unique safety profile based on its ratings. As an OZZI Travel PRO you can access ratings for all of the below safety categories.

Think about a destination’s safety profile like a stop light. Ratings are the green light to let you know what baseline conditions to expect when you are at that destination. Sometimes green can mean a low risk or it can mean an extreme risk. Make sure you know what green means for your travel style at the destinations on your travel list.

Ratings Categories

OZZI Travel Pros have access to ratings for these Security and Health categories. Additional safety ratings are available for additional travel topics like public transportation, government corruption, and more. 

Ratings Guide

Each rating represents a unique risk level and suggested readiness for travelers. Unlike the State Department’s country only ratings, OZZI Travel Pros have access to more comprehensive and city level ratings as well.

Find Safer Lodging

Another benefit of being an OZZI Travel PRO is that you know when a destination has ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ areas. Click to learn about neighborhood safety maps and find out when you should pause or reconsider booking accommodations in certain areas.

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