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Listen to Founders Isaiah Lopez and Vince Bicicchi discuss unrelenting patience, rejection, and startup success with the OZZI Safety App

Joining TJ on the Adventurous Entrepreneurs Podcast today are Isaiah Lopez & Vince Bicicchi, the Founders of a revolutionary Travel Safety App, OZZI.

In response to the Paris Attack in November 2015, CEO, Isaiah Lopez, built his first commercial travel safety algorithm. After raising funds and maturing the algorithm to a real-time web app, traveling employees and executives at Fortune 500 companies could access immediate support if they were affected by a global safety incident.

Just a few of the golden takeaways Isaiah and Vince share in this episode are the importance of unrelenting patience, tips for starting a company with a cofounder, how to deal with rejection and succeed as a startup, and how to travel safely with a new app on your phone.

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