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Public Sector AI Resources

Getting your municipality ready for Public Safety AI will require an intentional and detailed approach. OZZI helps municipalities prepare for and implement next-generation public safety AI solutions. 

Download our resources, read the Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence regulation, or set a meeting for a free discovery session. 

Artificial Intelligence Myths vs Facts

Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

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Future Proof Solutions with OZZI

Our unique crawl, walk, run approach to building Public Safety AI solutions makes communities safer.

Next-Gen Comms

Increase and expand access to emergency services for communities of all types.
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Video Calls
  • Internet Voice
  • Rich Location Data
  • Biometrics

AI Readiness Reports

Community and political leadership ready reporting builds confidence in AI.
  • Data Governance
  • Privacy & Security
  • Community Strategy
  • Regulatory Alignment
  • Implementation Roadmap

AI Implementations

End-to-End implementations of GenAI in PSAPs throughout municipalities.
  • Data Retention
  • Pre-Training
  • Fine Tuning
  • Systems Integrations
  • Performance Dashboards

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