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OZZI is a personal safety app that helps you find safer travel destinations, discover safer areas to book hotels or vacation rentals, and sends you real-time alerts when you are at your destination.

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Before you book your flight

With OZZI’s detailed safety ratings, you can compare destinations to find locations that fit your travel style.

Because global ratings are updated hourly, OZZI helps you make confident travel decisions before you buy a ticket.

Find hotels or rentals in safer areas

Dealing with cleaning fees or a lack of amenities makes for a frustrating lodging experience. The last thing we want is to feel unsafe when we step out the door.

At a street level, OZZI’s neighborhood safety maps help you understand if an area where you want to stay has elevated risks.

Unlock Local Advice

Your travel style influences the amount of time that is required to plan. With experts recommending between 2 weeks and 2 years, where do travelers begin?

Travel PROs rely on local guides within OZZI to help them prepare for everything from taxis, cultural traditions, and immunization requirements.

Unlock local guides to save time and to blend in at your destination.

Explore Confidently

Travel represents time to relax or discover new things. No matter what your travel plans include, we think you should be able to stay ahead of disruptions or potentially dangerous situations.

OZZI’s real-time alerts and advice system sends you a notification if a safety incident is occurring nearby or when you enter an unsafe area. 

OZZI is peace of mind in your pocket.

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Your Personal Travel Companion

OZZI is built by parents who had a vision for helping their children stay safer as they left the nest. Our technology was hardened through experiences helping U.S. Diplomats, Politicians, and Warfighters around the world make safer and more confident decisions.

Now, this technology is available for all travelers – everyone, everywhere.

Solo, Groups, & Families

Small Business

Travel Agencies

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How AI and OZZI are Transforming Global Travel

Case Study How AI and OZZI are Transforming Global Travel

About OZZI

The OZZI personal and travel safety app is innovative mobile technology app that has been designed to help solo, family, and groups plan their daily or travel safety. It is an essential tool for those who want to stay safe and informed while at home, on the road, or around the world. Our app offers a range of features such as personal safety tips, emergency information, real-time weather updates, and location-based alerts that let anyone stay on top of their plans and safe anywhere in the world.

Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, our safety app is a must-have travel planning tool that ensures you can travel solo with peace of mind. If you’re a group or solo traveler, you can access a wealth of information that is critical to your personal safety.

From emergency contact details to travel insurance information, our app provides all the necessary details that group & solo travelers need to stay safe on their trips.

The app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of traveler and personality profiles. Whether you are planning a short weekend getaway or a long-term solo adventure, OZZI is the perfect tool to help you stay safe and informed while you explore new destinations. With our app’s robust planning features and real-time updates, any group or individual like you can plan their trips with confidence and stay safe day-to-day!

safer solo, group, & family travel

Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, we understand how important it is to understand where you are going before you book your travels. OZZI is the perfect companion to help you before and during your trip.

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safer small business travel

OZZI was optimized for small business. SMBs, churches, and schools have learned the hard way about their moral and legal responsibility to help their employees and students travel safer. OZZI is the same quality of enterprise Duty of Care solutions with a price tag that small business can afford.

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safer travel agency services

OZZI is perfect for leisure, luxury, and adventure agencies. Give your Clients the confidence of safer travel by partnering with OZZI. Book safer trips and access discounted OZZI memberships by becoming an OZZI Premier Travel Partner.

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