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Since the American Revolution, intelligence and counterintelligence has played a central role in the success of the United States on and off the battlefield. In a letter to one of his officers, George Washington wrote: The necessity of procuring good intelligence is apparent and need not be further urged – July 26, 1777

After a little more than 200 years from this directive, the United States has established 17 intelligence organizations with specific responsibilities and focus areas. From foreign adversaries to operations in space, the amount and quality of the data available within the U.S. Intelligence Community is unmatched. Despite the controversies around data collection and use, open and classified successes of the U.S. Intelligence Community should not be taken for granted. From natural disaster support to terrorist operations, the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) has helped to establish and maintain peace around the world.

Given the prowess and extensive reach of the U.S. Government’s intelligence apparatus, why OZZI GOV?

The necessity of procuring good intelligence is apparent and need not be further urged.
- July 26, 1777

The answer is simple: OZZI GOV is the modern approach to training and situational awareness for everyday individual operations. We’ve all had bad experiences when we’re away from home.  Wrong place, wrong time. All of us have been in a situation where we wish we didn’t turn down that street, or maybe very recently wished we knew that a peaceful protest turned into a violent riot. The need for procuring good intelligence to enhance everyday situational awareness is not limited to any one mission. And THAT’S where OZZI GOV comes in.

Before the dawn of the internet, the U.S. Government was the catalyst for innovation and industry throughout the country. Just one of many examples is the Space Program. The same science and technology that took U.S. astronauts to the moon in the 1960’s, has spawned countless industries and products over the subsequent decades. Today, in many scenarios the government looks to private industry for the development of solutions tailored to the greatest challenges of our time. The Small Business Innovative Research program invests $2.5B per year into small businesses that meets the unique needs of every branch and department of the Government.

An ongoing and unintended consequence of modern Government innovation is the siloed nature of the advancements. Unlike technology dissemination in the private sector through platforms like mobile app stores that have been around since the mid 2000s, no common technology distribution processes for the Government existed until 2012.

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), a combat support agency, developed the GEOINT App Store for commercial developers in 2012. According to Wired magazine, the store “runs its security protections and screening processes in a way a commercial platform never could.” Because of this, GEOINT is now known as the app store for the Department of Defense. Unlike most app store approval processes, any desktop or mobile application that is released through GEOINT must meet a specific mission need. If a commercial developer can adhere to the stringent security and mission requirements of GEOINT, the store will pay the individual subscription cost for approved apps.

Before brave public servants put on a military uniform or serves in a career role, they are individuals. The more than 5M Service Members, employees, and contractors of the U.S. Government have an everyday mission. Every undertaking is distinct, and each comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. From getting the kids to school, grocery shopping, or taking some leave with your squad, everyday missions require a different type of support which has never been available before. Pamphlets on localities, training classes, and word of mouth are the traditional methods for acclimation and situational awareness for those conducting day-to-day operations. In the age of artificial intelligence and bigdata, it is time for the U.S. Government to modernize its approach to everyday missions.

For more than 20 years, large and multinational corporations have relied on threat intelligence data providers to provide cultural and situational awareness solutions to executives moving around the world. Private threat intelligence providers curate content through a patent protected mix of globally distributed human information gathering operatives and artificial intelligence networks that scour the surface, deep, and dark web for any details that can keep VIPs safer and secure.

Since the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks that killed 190 and wounded more than 400. OZZI GOV’s creator, Isaiah Lopez, has been building threat intelligence products to help everyday people with their everyday missions. Millions of people, speaking 9 different languages, across more than 200 global markets, came to rely on what would become the foundation of a process to adapt private sector technology in a Government setting.

OZZI GOV is available for iOS and Android devices on the GEOINT App Store. OZZI GOV’s unique blend of private and expertly curated content allows the delivery of comprehensive and global threat intelligence to public servants around the world. In its first iteration, OZZI GOV is the global support team addressing four everyday mission operation areas:

  • Global COVID-19 community transmission details, business constraints, and movement restrictions support force health and resilience
  • Global security and health ratings covering 12 distinct categories support acclimation to new areas outlining general risks and availability of services
  • >2000 street level threat zones empower preparation or avoidance for daily activities or R&R
  • Real-time alerting providing objective geopolitical details and advice for 9 unique events types covering everything from terrorism and civil unrest, to natural disasters and epidemics.
  • (Optional analyst research tools are available)

OZZI GOV is modernizing and enhancing the everyday mission threat intelligence supply chain. What was once delivered through an out-of-date pamphlet or spot briefing is now available with real-time updates and notifications in your pocket. Cutting-edge private sector technology has been adapted to meet the everyday needs of those in the U.S. Government. Service Members traveling on PCS orders, analysts looking to enhance their toolsets, and those conducting everyday missions can benefit from the threat intelligence OZZI GOV supplies.

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