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7 college spring break travel safety tips

Spring break travel in your college years is the perfect opportunity to get away from your studies and enjoy some fun in the sun. A lot of spring breakers focus on the adventures they are going to have and not much time on the risks at the destination. For those who do not have time to think about everything, here are 7 safety tips for having a safer spring break holiday.

College Spring Break Travel Safety Tip - Stay Sharp

Stay Sharp

This might seem obvious, but it pays to know your limits and be aware of what’s going on around you. Knowing your limits applies activities like skydiving as much as it does to things like drinking alcohol. If something does not feel right, trust your instinct. Moving away from a situation or people that make the hair on your neck standup is best for your safety and peace of mind.

Safety in Numbers

Solo travel can be life changing and rewarding, but there is always safety in numbers. A quick review of OZZI’s Safety Maps can help you determine where and when it might be best to partner up. Having a buddy system means everyone looks out for each other while still being able to have a good time.

College Spring Break Travel Safety Tip - Safety in Groups
College Spring Break Travel Safety Tip - Know and Share the Plan

Know the Plan

Keep track of where you are going and who you are spending time with, so that if something does happen, you can easily notify authorities about your whereabouts and details from your excursion if necessary.

Share the Plan

It might seem unnecessary to inform your parents or friends about your travel plans. The reality is that people cannot help you get out of a situation if they do not know where you are or where you are going. You do not need to divulge every single detail, but it is important to share who you are with, where you are going, what you plan on doing, when you will be back.

Maintain a Low Profile

Pickpockets are almost everywhere, and it only takes a few seconds to lose what you thought was safe. Expensive are best to be left back home or locked up in a hotel safe. Jewelry, cash, and electronics can all attract unwanted attention. We recommend that you only carry around what you need to avoid becoming an easy target.

College Spring Break Travel Safety Tip - Maintain a Low Profile
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Respect Local Laws

One of the easiest ways to avoid unwanted attention is to familiarize yourself with local laws and customs before travelling. Different countries have laws that may be different or opposite for things like alcohol, drugs, physical affection, or other infractions. Failure to respect these laws could land you into very serious trouble. The U.S. State Department can only do so much to help if you are trying to avoid harsh punishments.

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Staying safe while having fun is all about making smart decisions. You can travel almost anywhere safely and have an amazing time if you follow these Spring Break Safety Tips.

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