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6 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Pets

January 18, 2023

Traveling with pets can be a stressful experience, especially if your pet is new to travel adventures. Here are six tips to help make your next journey stress-free and enjoyable for everyone involved.

1. Start Small

If your pet is new to traveling, start small. Build up to road trips and air travel with smaller rides that allow you to gauge your pet’s readiness for travel. On the Solo Female Traveler Podcast, special guest Just a Girl and Her Dog recommends watching your pet’s body language leading up to and during the ride. A nervous pet might signal the need to familiarize the pet’s area of the backseat with a blanket from home. A pet who frequently gets road sick pet should travel on an empty stomach.

2. Learn the Basics

New places and large crowds can be nerve-racking for your pet. Being able to get your pet’s focus can go along way while navigating the public. Commands like sit, stay, look, leave it, and an emergency call paired with a small treat can help calm and keep you in control of your pet.

3. Get Your Pet Used to Their Carrier

If your pet is traveling in a carrier during parts or all of the trip, it is important to get them used to it well ahead of departure day. Letting them explore their new carrier a few months before going on a long journey will reduce their anxiety during longer travel. If it does not present a choking hazard, place their favorite toy or treat into the carrier to help them get comfortable with the carrier before takeoff. When traveling by car, always be sure your pet or pet’s carrier is safely harnessed inside your vehicle.

4. Plan Ahead

The best way to reduce travel stress is to plan ahead. Make sure you have the necessary supplies like food, water, treats, and toys organized in one place. If your pet is flying with you, research airline regulations and ensure you have the proper paperwork completed ahead of time. Additionally, contact your vet prior to the trip in order to make sure that any medications your pet may need will be available throughout the duration of the trip. If you are traveling internationally with your pet, be sure to understand passport, vaccination, and mandatory quarantine requirements.

5. Break Up the Trip

Breaking up longer trips into smaller legs can help reduce overall stress levels both for you and your pet while traveling together. If possible, try stopping at rest stops or taking frequent walks or breaks along the way so that everyone involved has a chance stretch their legs and take some downtime before continuing on.

6. Stick to Your Routines as Much as Possible

Pets are creatures of habit; sticking as close as possible to familiar routines such as mealtimes or walking schedules can go a long way towards making them feel secure When planning for accommodations for overnight stays try finding places that are pet friendly and look for amenities such as outdoor access so that they can continue with activity level they’re accustomed too at home!  

Traveling with pets does not have to be an overwhelming experience; these six simple steps can make journeying with furry friends a little bit easier.

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