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5 of the safest destinations for solo travelers

December 21, 2022

Author: Marissa Kozma

Flying solo for your next vacation is an exciting way to travel. After all, what’s better than exploring at your own leisure without the worry of accommodating another person’s interests and needs? Journeying through a foreign country on your own is a unique way to see the world — you’ll be more inclined to interact with locals and other fellow travelers, sign up for group activities, and scout out landmarks, museums, and restaurants that truly interest and excite you.

But, going on an adventure alone does mean you’ll have to take some extra precautions before packing your bags since there’s less room for error. You’ll want to be sure you’re visiting a safe area, be well-prepared in the event of an emergency, and be knowledgeable about the country’s culture. 

OZZI is the perfect tool for indie-travel and enables you to contact U.S. embassy or consulate officials as well as personal emergency contacts with the press of a button. You can also use the app to receive travel advisories to learn of recent unrest, terrorism, environmental hazards, or other threats to your safety and security and use the neighborhood safety maps to have more awareness about your immediate surroundings and any cause for concern. 

Before you head out on your own, be sure to let a friend of family know of your travel plans in detail. Be wary of strangers and walk streets during the day or in well-lit, crowded areas at night. When in doubt, trust your gut! If you feel nervous about a place or person, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

If you’re nervous about traveling alone and haven’t decided where to go, there are some destinations that are safer than others. With OZZI it’s easy to compare destination safety ratings of cities around the world. Ratings are kept up to date on an hourly basis, are easy to use, and comprehensive. These five locations received top marks on OZZI’s safety scale.

George Town, Cayman Islands

As a port for numerous cruise lines, the capital of George Town on the largest island of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands receives over 2 million tourists each year, with no major crimes reported. There is no history of terrorism on the islands in the Caribbean and the risk of violence is low. As an English-speaking Commonwealth country, the Cayman Islands are easy to navigate and you’ll feel safe relaxing on beaches, going to restaurants, and taking taxis and public buses on your own. 

Wellington, New Zealand

As one of the most naturally stunning countries in the world, New Zealand is also one of the safest countries on Earth. Its second most-populated city, Wellington, has a low threat of terrorism, mugging, and natural disasters. Street crime is not much of a concern to citizens, but solo travelers should still avoid walking alone at night and be vigilant when experiencing local nightlife.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the second-largest city in Scotland, but its cobblestone streets and medieval alleys make the metropolis feel more like a small village. Solo travelers will feel quite comfortable here, as the city is home to friendly locals and has minimal safety risks. Edinburgh is continuously voted the safest city in the United Kingdom, so it’s a great place to be introduced to British culture.


Asia is often daunting to solo travelers, but a good place to adventure on your own is Singapore. The city-state is bustling with nightlife and is home to more than 5 million residents, but is actually one of the cleanest and safest metropolises in the world. A transparent legal system, reliable police force, and low crime rates will put any newcomer’s mind at ease.

San Marino

San Marino might be a microstate with only 35,000 citizens, but this mountainous country surrounded by northern Italy is very hospitable to tourists. Exploring on your own is easy and the risk of violent crime is extremely low. 

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