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Is your municipality ready for Public Safety AI?

Emergency operator shortages and increased crime is making it difficult for PSAPs and public safety departments to deliver high quality community safety. AI can change this, but is your city ready?

Get past the hype to build a safer future.

AI is poised to change the world for the better. Choosing the wrong Public Safety AI partner or building with outdated AI technology will leave PSAPs with increased community distrust, excessive costs, and regulatory misalignment.

We help municipalities prepare for and build safe, secure, and trustworthy GenAI for current and next-gen PSAPs.

AI has changed in the last couple years. Generative AI models have demonstrated that contextual conversations can be had with chatbots that blur the line between man and machine.

Last generation NLP and NLU artificial intelligence systems are not capable of interactions like GenAI.

If your municipality is ready to build safe, security, trustworthy, and future proof AI, let chat.

AI Readiness Reports

Language processing and communication technologies have not advanced for most PSAPs in several decades. A PSAP’s readiness for AI varies by jurisdiction. We help municipalities get ready for and build AI in compliance with the new Executive Order on AI.

Data Governance Playbooks

If a PSAP is not yet ready for AI, our team can establish data governance and retention policies that ensure technical guardrails are foundational to a municipality.

Regulatory & Community Alignment

Some AI discriminates based on skin color, language, and other protected factors. We have a bias for ethical AI and only build solutions that are fair and balanced for all people.

Next-Generation Comms

It is time for PSAPs to move beyond the dial pad and accept next generation calls. By integrating OZZI into municipalities, PSAPs can expand access to emergency services and help those experiencing scenarios requiring modern communication technology.

Real-Time Video

Real-Time Chat

Internet Voice

Future Proof Solutions with OZZI

Our unique crawl, walk, run approach to building Public Safety AI solutions makes communities safer.

Next-Gen Comms

Increase and expand access to emergency services for communities of all types.
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Video Calls
  • Internet Voice
  • Rich Location Data
  • Biometrics

AI Readiness Reports

Community and political leadership ready reporting builds confidence in AI.
  • Data Governance
  • Privacy & Security
  • Community Strategy
  • Regulatory Alignment
  • Implementation Roadmap

AI Implementations

End-to-End implementations of GenAI in PSAPs throughout municipalities.
  • Data Retention
  • Pre-Training
  • Fine Tuning
  • Systems Integrations
  • Performance Dashboards

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